The coalition under the EPRDF as it has been known for the past three decades is over...

Jul 20 , 2019

On Monday, July 22, 2019, the legislative body of the Amhara Regional State is to convene. Its legislators will meet for the first time in the aftermath of a violent political event that claimed the lives of four of the regional state’s senior leaders. The President, Ambachew Mekonnen (PhD), and two of his aides were slain by Asamenew Tsegie (Let. Gen), who was in charge of the state’s security apparatus.

The tragic and unexpected death of the regional president has paved the way for a power struggle between the various groups in the state, mainly on regional cleavage, claims gossip.

The political bureau of the ruling Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), chaired by Demeke Mekonnen was tasked with sorting out such differences to agree on a viable candidate. The most unlikely candidate for the politburo members emerged in the person of Temesgen Tiruneh. Their pick has been confirmed by the Central Committee members of the ADP with broader support, gossip disclosed.

Temesgen now serves as an advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) on national security affairs. But he is probably viewed as an outsider to the current feud in Bahir Dar, the epicentre of the power struggle and political infighting among the various factions in the regional state, claims gossip. He has had a humble beginning as a private under the former military regime. He climbed the ladder to a position of major, spending much of his time as an army intelligence officer and at the spy agency, the Internet Network Security Agency (INSA). It was while he was at the Agency that he established a close friendship with Abiy, a bond that was nurtured after the latter left INSA due to squabbling with the then chief, Teklebrehan Woldearegay (Maj. Gen.), nicknamed Santim, gossip claims.

Tomorrow’s confirmation of Temesgen as head of the Amhara Regional State will be attended by Mustafa M. Omer, a former activist and now president of the Somali Regional State. It may not be surprising considering that Temesgen supported Mustafa during his troubles with Ahmed Shide, chairperson of the Somali People’s Democratic Party (SPDP). Mustafa’s trip to Bahir Dar signals the beginning of a new realignment within the EPRDF, gossip disclosed.

In many ways, the season appears to be the end of an era in the Ethiopian political space defined by the hegemonic status of EPRDF spearheaded by TPLF, claims gossip. It may also be the beginning of another era. Should the next one or two executive meetings of the EPRDF be the last, little should be surprising, claims gossip.

The coalition under EPRDF as it has been known for the past three decades is over, and a new coalition is emerging from its ashes, says gossip. Abiy and his allies in ADP, ODP and SEPDM are set to speed up the merging of the coalition into one national party where individuals will be members, instead of parties, gossip reveals. This may happen much sooner than what was anticipated, says gossip.

The politburo of senior member in EPRDF, the TPLF, has made up its mind that it will not be a party to such realignment, claims gossip. Its leaders may have in mind to form a new coalition to challenge the rise of a rebranded EPRDF, gossip foresees.

The prize these contending forces are vying to take will likely be regions under leaders like Mustafa, who is in charge of one of the peripheral states that were never incorporated into the power equation, gossip foresees. The loyalty and show of solidarity to be shown by political elites in the Somali, Afar, Banishangul Gumuz, Harari and Gambella regional states will determine the political course in the years to come, gossip anticipates.

PUBLISHED ON Jul 20,2019 [ VOL 20 , NO 1003]

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