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City Creates Over 34,000 Jobs in Three Months

November 23 , 2019

Over 34,000 job opportunities in Addis Abeba were created in the first quarter of the fiscal year. The city’s Job Creation Enterprise Development Bureau plans to create over a quarter of a million jobs in the current fiscal year. Out of 34,000 jobs created, 25,935 are permanent and 8,568 are temporary job opportunities. Manufacturing, construction and urban agriculture account for the majority of the jobs created during the first quarter. Out of its total plan, the Bureau aims to create more than 200,000 jobs by organizing youth permanently and temporarily under associations, while the remaining jobs would be created by employment institutions. The Addis Abeba Housing Development & Administration Bureau’s Housing Development Corporation planned to create over 90,000 job opportunities, although the commencement of the housing projects was launched late. The mega projects of the city, which play a significant role in job creation, are on their initial phase of commencement, according to Meron Adissie, public relations team leader of the Enterprise Development Bureau.


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