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Council Collects Close to 169m Br in Three Months

November 9 , 2019

The Office of National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has collected close to 169 million Br from the public in the last three months. ‘‘The construction of the Dam is going well, along with the continued involvement of the public," said Hailu Abraham, public relations director at the Office of National Council. The public has contributed about 13 billion Br and over 6.2 billion Br in bonds have been repaid so far. "The public commitment is steadfast as it ever was," Hailu said. The Office of National Council was able to collect 970 million Br last year and is now working to collect one billion Br this year. Change of leadership in some of the regional offices resulted in low public mobilisation to meet the expected target of collecting 100 million Br every month.



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