Fuel Truck Owners Drop Boycott Plans

April 7 , 2022

Leaders of truckers' lobby group have abandoned plans for a strike after reaching a deal with federal authorities. The Ethiopian Bulk Fuel Transport Owners Association announced today an agreement with officials of the Ministry of Transport & Logistics over an adjustment to the tariff they are paid to transport fuel from ports in Djibouti to Addis Abeba and across the country.

Last week, the Association leaders had issued an ultimatum, warning that trucks would be grounded if the 75,000 Br tariff was not raised to meet what they say are rising operational and maintenance costs. A letter to the Ministry, signed by Tsega Asamere, head of the Association, reads the trucks will continue providing their services following “an understanding” with officials.

The letter does not detail whether the tariff has been adjusted, though a study previously conducted by the Association recommended it be increased to around 100,000 Br.

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