Fuel Authority Demands Stock Reports of Stations

Sep 23 , 2023

Fuel stations across the country are instructed to report the amount of stock in their inventory through a notice signed by Sahrela Abdulahi, director general of the Ethiopian Petroleum & Energy Authority. The letter dispatched two weeks ago aims to bolster the campaign of digitising fuel supply launched four months ago that instructed the stations to process all refills through mobile money transfers. Under the system empowered by state-owned Ethio telecom, the fuel supply chain is traced from the moment trucks in neighbouring Djibouti are filled by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) until they are funnelled to vehicles. While the plan to process all fuel payments through electronic transfers was initially kicked off in Addis Abeba, it has gotten traction nationwide over the subsequent months. Ephrem Tesfaye, a board member of the 500-member-strong Ethiopian Petroleum Dealer's Association (EPDA), said the new direction by the Authority is a positive turning point in the fuel supply chain of the country. Ephrem revealed that the association has been lobbying to put a system like this in place for the last four decades, hoping to seal the gap between demand and shipment orders. An average station stocks up on 250,000ltrs of fuel, enough supply for about four days in order to prevent disruption of service, according to Ephrem. The latest notice by the Authority entails revocation of fuel distribution licenses for stations that fail to comply with the reporting requirement.


High-Level Event Aims to Address Humanitarian Crisis

Development partners and government officials are expected to discuss improved humanitarian responses at a crucial event in Geneva, Switzerland this week. Co-hosted by the Ethiopian government and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the primary goal is to secure pledges from both development partners and the government, according to officials. Millions face hardship due to conflicts, economic downturns, climate shocks, and disease outbreaks, according to a UN st...


Mastercard Announces Up to $2.5m Grants for Agribusinesses

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the agricultural sector are poised for financial support as the Mastercard Foundation Fund pledges to award grants over the next three years. The Agribusiness Challenge Fund will award grants ranging from half a million dollars to 2.5 million dollars to qualifying businesses in Ethiopia and 19 other countries. According to Smita Sanghrajika, an engagement partner at the Foundation, agribusinesses have lacked the financial resources needed to scale up and...


Document Authentication Service Gets Fee Revamp

The Council of Ministers approved a new regulation for the Federal Document Authentication & Registration Service last week which introduces a two-tier fee structure for citizens and foreigners, with an overall increase. Beginning at 100 Br for citizens seeking document authentication for an assigning agency of single documents, the ceiling goes up to 500 Br while foreigners pay double these rates. Implementation of the new fees began this week. These changes come alongside a digitisat...