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Federal Gov’t Declares Ceasefire

June 28 , 2021

The federal government has declared a ceasefire, for the first time since war in Tigray began in November last year.

This comes just an hour after state-media outlets reported the Tigray interim administration requested the federal government for a ceasefire, taking the "existing humanitarian predicaments in the region" into consideration. The federal forces have withdrew from Meqelle, which has been under the control of TDF forces, according to many accounts.

Alarmed by the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Tigray, several international organisations have been pushing the federal government to stop the war and urging the withdrawal of Eritrean forces from the region. The decision has been made to enable farmers cultivate their lands, enable unfettered access to humanitarian organisations and reach a settlement with officials of the TPLF willing to choose the peaceful path, said the Prime Minister Office.

Over five million people living in Tigray are in need of urgent assistance, while over a million are at risk of famine, according to the UN OCHA.

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