Blurred Lines of Online Presence

Sep 30 , 2023
By Kidist Yidnekachew

It is fascinating to witness the power of technology in bridging the gap between individuals. However, I can not help but wonder if the surge in video journals has led to a saturation of mundane content where the line between meaningful and trivial experiences is blurred.

I usually find myself craving content that offers more than a glimpse into the everyday life of someone while scrolling through these videos; something of substance. Perhaps unique experiences with travel adventures or inspiring others through interviews and thought-provoking discussions.

As the digital era evolves, content creators hold a significant influence over consumer choices and shape popular trends with their ability to reach multiple users at once. They are becoming new-age ambassadors to several brands, leveraging their social media presence to endorse various products and services while showcasing their experiences.

Judging by the number of followers these micro-celebrities have, many people are intrigued by the opportunity to observe the daily routines of others as a form of entertainment. But there should be a boundary between sharing personal experiences and using them for content creation.

I believe that authentic experience is lost when people are aware of being recorded. Instead, it becomes all about living the life that people want to see.

Posting private moments on social media is a phase. I have done it before, but learned to cherish intimate moments and keep them sacred and away from the prying eyes as I have grown wiser with age.

Privacy is a precious commodity.

In the digital age, oversharing on social media can bear outcomes. Not only does it expose personal moments to a wider audience, but also invites unnecessary judgment and scrutiny.

The critical moments are missed while trying to look picture-perfect. Some experiences are best enjoyed without the pressure of approval from others such as likes and comments, and keeping them intimate allows for genuine connections and memories.

Meanwhile, there are consequences to consider as the potential dangers of social media are real.

The presence of online predators poses a risk to children if unmonitored. Parents must be vigilant and cautious about what they share online as there could be potential harm. They must create a safe and secure environment and protect children from any conceivable harm that may arise from the misuse of personal information.

For a certain level of achievement, it is expected to flaunt it through the digital platform. But projecting an image of constant contentment online does not make it a reality.

Apart from a constant urge to keep up appearances and spend more money than one can afford, the need to constantly showcase personal life is a cover-up for something more profound. It is a desperate attempt to convince themselves and others that everything is perfect in the superficial realm of online validation.

The concept of "having it" is often subjective.

In Addis, I come across people who spend a fortune trying to paint the life they want others to believe they live. They try to become someone they are not, which consumes their wealth in the process of maintaining it.

Spilling champagne or tossing money in a country where people are battling to survive is an insult and complete disregard for surroundings. There is no need to flaunt or flex, but simply be modest!

PUBLISHED ON Sep 30,2023 [ VOL 24 , NO 1222]

Kidist Yidnekachew is interested in art, human nature and behaviour. She has studied psychology, journalism and communications and can be reached at (

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