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New E-commerce Platform Goes Online

December 21 , 2019

Hulumale, a new e-commerce and promotion platform, is offering a new service to link sellers and buyers online.

The platform was developed by Mingiziem Misganaw, a lecturer at the Department of Information Technology at the University of Gonder, and Alemu Setargew, a technical assistant in the same department.

Sellers and buyers can use the platform via its website, mobile application and via the Telegram application.

Hulumale, which took three years to develop, is available on both the Google and Apple app stores. The platform operates in two languages, Amharic and English.

In addition to the online shopping tool, the company provides online advertisements and vacancy announcements, as well as student registration and prisoner information management.

To advertise items online, the platform provides gold and silver category services depending on the placement of the advertisement item on the website for a duration of 14 days. Besides, it also facilitates delivery services to the customers.

After selecting an item, customers can make an order by making payment through a bank transfer via Bank of Abyssinia.


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