The increasing cost of living has taken a toll on citizens who wrestle with the harsh realities of soaring inflation rates. A visit to the Qera Consumer Association revealed how prices, especially for sugar, have sky-rocketed, forcing some to drastically cut down consumption of what they now consider a luxury item. A 30pc upsurge in sugar prices over the past two months, pushing the cost from 63 Br to 95 Br a kilogram reflects deeper economic and operational challenges the sugar industry faces. The federal government’s pricing adjustments targeting to revive the sector have been overshadowed by a myriad of issues, including high production costs, foreign currency shortages, and security threats. These threats have had tangible consequences, as seen in a recent attack by armed groups on employees of the Wonji Shoa and Finchaa Sugar factories, disrupting operations and instilling a sense of uncertainty about the future of these plants.

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PUBLISHED ON Apr 06,2024 [ VOL 25 , NO 1249]

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