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Tigray Provisional Administration Writes Draft Charter

November 19 , 2020

A draft charter delineating how the Provisional Administration of Tigray Regional State will be governed is underway, said Mulu Nega (PhD), newly appointed chief executive of the Provisional Administration.

The draft charter will deal with strengthening the Regional State’s administrative framework, ensuring justice and good governance, and issue details on releasing illegally detained political prisoners in the Regional State, said Mulu at a press conference held today at Hilton Hotel. It will also be responsible for facilitating participation methods with other political parties in the region.

Starting next week, the interim government will commence building and strengthening the areas under control of the federal government, including the provision of social services, safety net programmes and healthcare. This will include restarting government services and offices, including salary payments, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance.

Additionally, restarting development projects in the Regional State, reviving the economy, and aiding farmers in harvesting, as well as overseeing the upcoming election, are part of the draft charter.

Unlike zonal and regional administrations, wereda and kebele level cabinets will not be changed, Mulu added, though changes may take place depending on the interim government’s investigation.

Ascertaining peace and security in the region, however, will remain the priority, he added. Mulu was appointed chief executive of the Regional State following the establishment of a provisional administration there.

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