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The Grand Palace Opens to Public Next Week

October 1 , 2019

Menelik II Palace in Addis Abeba, a.k.a. the Grand Palace, will be open for visitors beginning October 10, 2019, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) disclosed today.

The Palace renovations, ongoing for the past year, have almost been completed, and the building and grounds will be open to the public, according to the Prime Minister

Built under Emperor Menelik II over a century ago, the Palace rests on 40,000Sqm of land. For generations, it has been viewed as the epicentre of political power, where the most powerful family in the land resides. The renovated compound incorporates several sights of interest to visitors, including an arena, a playground, a zoo and an imperial banquet hall.

To visit the Palace, regular and VIP visitors pay 200 Br and 1,000 Br, respectively.

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