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Precluded Constituencies to Vote on September 6

June 10 , 2021

Electorates in 54 constituencies not included in the upcoming national elections may cast their votes on September 6, 2021, officials at the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced today. The vast majority of these will be for regional council seats.

This schedule, however, will not include voters in the Tigray Regional State, where a civil war is taking place.

The Board attributed its latest decision to errors that occurred during the printing of ballots, which led to the dismissal of two of its employees working in the IT department.

Addis Abeba, Dire Dawa, and Sidama Regional State are set to be the only regions to go to the polls with the entirety of their constituencies on June 21, 2021.

The Board has also decided to conduct elections in 38 constituencies, which will not be part the national elections in two weeks due to security concerns, in September. Over 37.4 million voters have registered for the elections.

The Board is currently finalising preparations such as the training of poll workers and the distribution of election materials to over 45,000 polling stations.

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