Ministry Adjusts Fuel Prices

December 8 , 2021

The Ministry of Trade & Regional Integration has revised the retail prices of petroleum products.

Effective December 9, 2021, a litre of benzene will cost 31.74 Br at gas stations, up from 25.86 Br.

A litre of diesel will see prices rise by nearly six Birr to 28.94 Br, while kerosene will retail for the same price.

The new prices will be effective for the coming month.

This is the first adjustment to petroleum prices in nearly a year.

One thought on “Ministry Adjusts Fuel Prices

  1. Even the latest increase is very reasonable given the current energy . The serious problem is the government has no control over pump station and the exorbitant over 75 Birr black market price. Petrol stations are hugely exasperating inflationary pressures and murt,be dealt,with . They sell out,in jerricans towbexsoldwout,again to consumers for more than double the price.

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