Ethiopian Parliament's Decision to Revoke TPLF's 'Terrorist' Label Stirs Fierce PushBack

Mar 22 , 2023

A vote in parliament to rescind the designation of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) as a "terrorist" party has generated significant opposition, with 61 votes against and five abstentions. The move, which was passed by a majority of over two-thirds of parliamentarians, comes after a series of measures taken by the federal government and TPLF, leading to the Pretoria Accord and Nairobi Declaration.

The decision to lift the "terrorist" label, which was enacted in May 2021, could have significant implications for the political climate in the country, particularly given the opposition to the move by over 21pc of the 280 MPs voted today. The decision could further exacerbate tensions between the MPs who are in favour and against, which could impact the coherence of the incumbent.

Nevertheless, the decision represents a step towards reconciliation and the restoration of peace in the country, which has been marred by civil war and violence in recent years. It is likely to be closely watched by observers both within and outside the country, as the implications of the move become clearer in the coming months.

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