Ethio Telecom Launches 4G LTE in Six Regional Towns

Feb 18 , 2021

Ethio telecom has launched an advanced 4G LTE service in six towns of Oromia Regional State. The service will boost the capacity and speed of mobile data.

The service was launched in Adama, Dukem, Gelan, Bishoftu, Modjo and Awash Melkasa towns. Launching the service took two months and was carried out by ZTE and Ericson. The service was deployed at 110 sites in the six towns that are under the telecom's southeast region. The towns have 551 mobile sites.

“There is high data demand in these areas,” said Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of the 126 old telecom giant.

Last year the company launched Advanced 4G LTE in Addis Abeba at 50 sites. Currently, it is working on expanding the sites by 208. To use the service, customers need to change their SIM cards.

In the coming year, the company targets to expand Advanced 4G LTE at 1,094 sites across 103 towns.

Ending a more than century old monopoly, the government has started the process of liberalisation and privatisation. The process to award two new telecom licenses has already been launched, and the winners are expected to be announced in April.

The partial privatisation of Ethio telecom is also in the making, and Deloitte Consulting was hired to advise and oversee the process to transfer 40pc of the company's shares to a foreign company and five percent to the public.

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