Economic Policy Reform Hopes to Address Five Areas

June 12 , 2019

CEO Breakfast Forum held at the Sharton this morning.

The recent economic policy reforms have focused on correcting macroeconomic imbalances and distortions created by previous growth drives, according to Mamo Mehiretu, advisor to the Prime Minister on policy reform issues.

Describing the new moves as " practical and pragmatic" in the administration's approach, the reforms are meant to address issues of public debt, lack of forex, inflationary pressure, enhanced credit to the private sector and job creation. Mamo was one of the four senior administration officials who appeared before an audience at the "CEO Breakfast Forum" held at the Sheraton this morning. The event was organised by private consulting firm Precise Consult run by Henok Assefa, who was also a moderator where. Dagmawit Moges, minister of Transport; Abebeb Abebayehu, commissioner of the Investment Commission; and Eyob Tekalegn (PhD), state minister for Finance were in attendance.

Much of the discussion was focused on the rebalancing drive their administration is trying to achieve, which aims to give more space to the private sector.

CEO Breakfast Forum held at the Sharton this morning.

"We'd like to leverage and exhauste the resources from the private sector before we bring in the public sector," Mamo told the audience.

There will be refreshed and new drives in either privatising or liberalising sugar estates, power, transport, logistics and telecoms. A new bill reforming the regulatory agency of the telecom sector was tabled for parliament this week; and, its passage will pave the way for a consequential announcement by the Prime Minister next week on the type of marketplace the telecom industry will become.

"By this time next year, some of you may use different SIM cards," Eyob said without going to details.

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