Commission Revokes Duty-Free Privileges

December 6 , 2021

The Ethiopian Customs Commission has suspended duty privileges for travellers bringing personal items into the country.

A circular sent to the Addis Abeba Airport Customs Branch Office last week states that travellers have been abusing the duty-free privilege granted by a directive issued by the Ministry of Finance in 2018.

The directive exempts personal items such as professional cameras, external hard drives, laptops, kitchenware and TVs from tax.

“In addition to reducing government revenue, the privilege has been used to expand illegal and contraband trade,” reads the letter from the Commission.

The privilege has been suspended until amendments are made to the directive to address the issue.

However, travellers returning after spending a month or longer abroad will be allowed to bring in the items duty free.

Those who violate the new rules will face penalties in addition to import duties.

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