In Crisis, Human Dignity Shines Bright

Mar 28 , 2020
By Eden Sahle

The terrifying fact about life is how little control we have, especially during times of crisis. It is comforting though to observe that, as many are realising, despite where we come from, we are all equal.

Watching the news has become unbearable. The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has led to hundreds of thousands contracting it and tens of thousands dying. The consequences to the global economy have not been something to baulk at either.

But as the world battles this pandemic, we cannot help but notice that humans are equal irrespective of their economic privileges. It is proving that humankind is indivisible. It is highlighting to us how we all need basic services and how every labourer is crucial to our society.

Loss of human life is painful, and people around the world are feeling a sense of loss and emotional pain as fellow humans are perishing at the hands of an invisible killer.

In the face of this global disaster, we have observed the best and worst sides of people, from those who are volunteering to come to the aid of their fellow human beings and those who are unfairly taking advantage of the crisis.

The current situation is yet another reminder for us to take a step back and embrace impartiality, to avoid the senseless hatred and discrimination we bestow on others based on race, religion, economic status or place of birth. Our energy and time will be of much greater use if we can concentrate on working to support one another.

Amid the crisis, a new horizon has opened. We are being reminded of the importance of ending human prejudice, the perception that one is superior to the other.

This is a disaster, by all means, but it has also opened up a new era to rectify discrimination and scrutinise our societal values. We must think carefully as individuals and support each other as a global community to effectively function as a society. A disciplined and civilised society creates a better world for everyone rather than hampering it.

It is unfortunate that as civilisation progressed, at least economically, it did not help people realise that all human beings, no matter their race, gender, religion or economic status, are equal. A crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to reconsider our assumptions.

It has shown us that we care about our own lives and about those of our fellow human beings. It has proven the need to stand on solid ground and love one another.

All nations are indeed left in darkness on how to put a stop to this global pandemic. At the same time, we have proven how every human has similar desires and problems. We are witnessing how individuals and societies across the world are similar, whether or not they find themselves in developed countries.

We have practically seen that we all hold the key to create a stable world for everyone to live in, free from any harm and fear. Our leaders have learned that they cannot do anything without global cooperation and that when disaster strikes, no nation can stand on its own.

The pandemic has proven that those who believed their nationality, race or gender makes them superior to others are merely fooling themselves. Flawed cultural perceptions that propagate prejudice have practical lessons to take here.

As much as the pandemic is paining us all, it can also be creating a new order of the world where human dignity and the value of life is revered above all else. The situation is igniting the courage of ordinary people to stand up for human lives and dignity in the face of the global health crisis that continues to destroy lives.

From prosperous to developing nations, no one was prepared for the intensity of the bereavement we suddenly have to live with. It will not be easy to come to terms with the loss of human lives around the world.

Hope lies in the countless people across the world who stood up for fighting the pandemic, risking their lives. There have been wars and pandemics that devastated entire generations, and yet humanity, thanks to its most determined and rational, has persevered.

We will overcome this too. And if we are lucky, we would have learned of the importance and dignity of human life.

PUBLISHED ON Mar 28,2020 [ VOL 20 , NO 1039]

Eden Sahle is founder and CEO of Yada Technology Plc. She has studied law with a focus on international economic law. She can be reached at

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