Headline Inflation Reaches 20.6pc on Year

Headline Inflation Reaches 20.6pc on Year


There appears little solace for consumers in Ethiopia, with the year-on-year headline inflation reaching at 20.6pc in March this year, a little over the nearly 20pc annual average last year.

The largest increase in prices was seen in food items such as edible oil, fruit and vegetables and spice, according to a statement by the Ethiopian Statistics Agency. The consumer price index (CPI) for the month of March shows a 22pc jump compared to the same period last month. Non-food items such as fuel and energy, alcohol, tobacco and chat as well as transport, medical expense and construction materials have seen an increase in prices of 18.9pc.

Inflation is an unrelenting trend in the economy, eating up the purchasing power of the Birr, and disadvantages the fixed income group in society.