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Wegagen Bank Expands Data, Network System

November 23 , 2019

Wegagen Bank expanded its data and system network at a cost of 150 million Br for its headquarters. The expansion included the installation of new network and security systems and the construction of a data centre facility. The expansion of the data and network system for its headquarters located along Ras Mekonnen Street took one year to finalise. The new system began giving service last week, after all branches and ATMs were brought offline on November 15 and 16. To install the data centre facility, a joint venture was formed between Alta Computer and Inlaks. Moti Engineering was hired for the installation of the network and security system. Alta Computec, a multi-vendor IT systems integrator, was established in 1994 with a capital of 15,000 dollars that has now grown to 25 million dollars. Its joint venture partner Inlaks has over 31 years of industry experience and has a customer base that includes the Apex Bank and 18 of the 24 banks in Nigeria and the West African region. Established in 1997, Wegagen Bank, which now has a network of 211 branches, of which 83 are in Addis Abeba, began giving service with its upgraded data and network system on November 18, 2019.


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