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Water, Electric Utilities Generate 7.9b Br

August 24 , 2019

Addis Abeba Water & Sewerage Authority and Ethiopian Electric Utility have collected more than 7.9 billion Br from operations in the last fiscal year. AAWSA has collected 862 million Br from a planned 1.2 billion Br, while EEU has collected 7.2 billion Br from the target of 9.4 billion Br. AAWSA collected 767.5 million Br from the provision of clean water and the remaining 26.9 million Br was collected from sewerage. AAWASA is working with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia for utility payment services starting from August 1, 2019. EEU takes 40pc of the total revenue, while the remaining 60pc will be taken by Ethiopian Electric Power Authority. Ethiopian Electric Utility is a public enterprise with the main responsibility of distributing electric power across the country, while the latter is involved in electric power generation.


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