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US Pledges $10m for Locust Outbreak Fight

March 7 , 2020

The United States, through its aid department USAID, has pledged 10 million dollars to support operations to control the swarms of locusts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. The donation comes three weeks after United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the first eight million dollars in support. During his three-day visit to Ethiopia, he announced the pledge to tackle the desert locust outbreak in East Africa. The new aid is expected to have a positive impact on affected communities in Ethiopia and throughout the Horn of Africa. The current outbreak of desert locusts is the worst to hit East Africa in decades. The insects have infested the region and are eating their way through vegetation and livestock pastures. The current funding will support locust detection, surveillance and control operations across the region, which include ground-based and aerial efforts. Over the past five years, the United States has been the largest bilateral donor to Ethiopia and has invested four billion dollars to help people across the country lead healthier and more prosperous lives.


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