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United States Joins Locust Outbreak Fight

February 22 , 2020

The United States has pledged eight million dollars in funding to help control the outbreak of desert locusts in East Africa. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was in Addis Abeba this week for a three-day visit, announced the pledge at a joint press conference he gave with Gedu Andargachew, minister of Foreign Affairs at Sheraton Addis Hotel. "I'm pleased to announce the United States is providing eight million dollars in additional funding to support regional locust control operations in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia," said Pompeo. The outbreak is the worst to strike Ethiopia and Somalia for 25 years and the worst infestation that Kenya has experienced in 70 years. To fight the outbreak, the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)has requested a total of 76 million dollars in support of which, it has mobilised 15.4 million.


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