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Transport Ministry Joins Tana in Hyacinth Fight

November 14 , 2020

The Ministry of Transport has donated close to 12 million Br toward the campaign for the removal of the water hyacinth, an invasive weed also called emboch, in Lake Tana. The donation, contributed from the Ministry and other agencies under its wing, was accepted by Fanta Mandefro (PhD), deputy president of Amhara Regional State, and State Minister for Water, Irrigation & Energy Abraha Adugna (PhD). Water hyacinth, which has been steadily increasing along the Lake, is threatening livelihoods and water flow to irrigation canals. A month-long national campaign aimed at freeing the Lake from water hyacinth will be finalised this week. Lake Tana, the largest lake in the country and the source of the Blue Nile, is the source for 50pc of freshwater. It is an important fishing resource with up to 67 different species of fish, 70pc of which are endemic.


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