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Trade Ministry Shuts Businesses Down

April 25 , 2020

The Ministry of Trade & Industry has taken action against 25,068 businesses that have been allegedly selling goods and services at inflated prices during the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With the action, the Ministry closed 13,350 businesses and suspended and revoked the licenses of 404 and 890 business, respectively. The Ministry has also issued warnings to 10,000 businesses and has arrested 424 individuals. The Ministry is also working on availing different sanitary products like ethanol, sanitiser and soap and increasing the manufacturing capacity of the 43 soap and detergent factories in the country. To support the manufacturing sector, the Ministry is facilitating the provision of forex to select industries and is currently working to provide 100 million dollars to firms producing soap and detergent. The Ministry has been supplying 650,000ql of wheat, 615,000ql of sugar, 40 million litres of oil, and 399 million litres of fuel a month to combat shortages in the country.


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