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Tourism Ethiopia Launches Virtual Tour System

June 1 , 2019

Tourism Ethiopia has partnered with a private company to introduce a Virtual Reality Tour System, a computer technology to create a simulated environment. The Organisation hired Eternal Media & Communication to prepare the system with an outlay of six million Birr. By simulating as many senses as possible, such as vision, hearing and touch, the computer is transformed into a gatekeeper to this artificial world. The project will gather raw data from 270 historical places in Ethiopia through a 360-degree view camera to archive the information, according to Yonathan Berhanu, the chief operating officer of Eternal Media & Communication. This new system will start at Bole International Airport in the passengers’ transit areas to attract virtual reality tours using specialised headsets and 70-inch touch screens. Eternal Media is also planning to launch the system in 10 different government institutions, including the Office of the Prime Minister. “We have already got approval to implement the system at the Office of the Prime Minister,” said Yonathan.


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