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Tele, Employees Commit 180m Br for Sheger

May 4 , 2019

Ethio telecom and its employees have pledged 180 million Br for a project to beautify Addis Abeba. Out of the total value, 80 million Br will be contributed by the employees, who will be working for four Saturdays without overtime pay. The remaining will be covered by the company. Kicked off by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), the project is expected to cost 29 billion Br and is aimed at revitalising the rivers and developing riverbeds and riverbanks across Addis Abeba. A pilot project was launched at a cost of 2.5 billion Br. The premier will also host a fundraising gala dinner, dubbed “Dine for Sheger,” where close to 1,000 people are expected to attend in mid-May. They will have to pay five million Birr a plate.


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