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TECNO Surpasses Samsung in African Market

April 24 , 2021

The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, TECNO, has overtaken Samsung as the smartphone brand with the largest distribution in Africa's market, accounting for 18pc of all smartphone shipments to the continent in 2020. TECNO, founded in 2006, has been deepening its ties to the African market and has expanded to over 60 countries in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East in recent years. Samsung's share of smartphones in Africa fell to 15pc from 18pc during the previous year, according to Counterpoint Technology Market Research (CTMR), a global firm specialising in products in technology and telecom. Counterpoint also reported a 6.7pc fall in overall smartphone shipments to Africa in 2020, largely due to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. The two Asian manufacturers are way ahead of other well-known smartphone brands in terms of market share in Africa, with Huawei registering eight percent of shipments during the same period, while Apple accounted for just one percent.


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