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Tax Revenues Generate 20b Br

February 22 , 2020

The Ministry of Revenues collected 19.96 billion Br in tax revenues in January, achieving 94.43pc of its goal. For the period, the Ministry aimed to collect 20.96 billion Br. Out of the collected revenue, 9.69 billion Br was generated from domestic taxes, 10.10 billion Br from custom duties, and the remaining amount from the national lottery. The Ministry has managed to collect 147.33 billion Br in the past seven months of the current fiscal year. Compared to this period last year, revenues have increased by 34.46 billion Br. For the current fiscal year, the Ministry intends to collect 253 billion Br - 65pc of the budget - from domestic tax revenues. In the last fiscal year, the Ministry collected 97.2 billion Br from domestic taxes out of the planned 235.7 billion Br in revenue, 83.7pc of its target.


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