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Swedish Group Invests in Retail Shops

August 17 , 2019

Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA) has partnered with East African Holdings Group and Wise, a nongovernmental organisation, for the construction of 200 shops at a cost of 20 million Br. The programme, which will benefit around 2,800 women, will see the construction of shops that will exclusively wholesale and retail a select group of 19 East Africa products. “The programme allows us to shorten the market chain and is part of our social responsibility,” said Fitsum Nigusse, marketing and corporate communications director at East Africa. East Africa has 6,000 permanent and temporary employees and produces over 100 different products. The other partner in the programme, Wise, will give training and assistance to the women. The project launched by SIDA is part of a five-year programme dubbed Livelihoods Improvement for Women & Youth (Li-Way). The programme aims to contribute to sustainable poverty reduction and social stability through improved livelihoods in Addis Abeba.



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