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Special Window Transacts 26,000ql of Soya Beans

November 28 , 2020

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has transacted 26,455ql of soya beans for agro-processors that use soya beans for industrial inputs through a special trading window that was opened in early November. The window is dedicated to local processors who buy the product. The Ministry of Trade & Industry has so far licensed 16 agro-processors to buy soya beans from the special window. The window hosts up to 200 buyers at a time. The processors buy soya beans via the special window three days a week. Mondays and Wednesdays are regular trading days for the agro-processing exchange with the third day rotating between Thursday and Friday from one week to the next. Soya bean exporters are allowed to buy the product regularly on Tuesdays and with the second day alternating similarly between Thursday and Friday. During the first quarter of this fiscal year, the  ECX transacted 142,000tn of agricultural commodities worth 9.5 billion Br.


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