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Road Fund Generates 2.8b Br

July 18 , 2020

The Ethiopian Road Fund Office has generated 2.8 billion Br during the just ended fiscal year of 2019/20. The office has collected the revenue from the road fund tariff levied on fuel, oil and grease, road use, interest from the treasury documents, and weight-based road fund annual vehicle renewal fees. The Office, which succeeded in collecting 91pc of its planned revenues, intended to collect 2.89 billion Br for the year. Road fund tariffs on fuel have generated 2.7 billion Br and oil and grease tariffs have brought in 3.8 million Br. In comparison, road use fees and document interests have brought in 4.3 million Br and 1.3 million Br, respectively. Annual road fund vehicular renewal payments account for 140 million Br. The Office has overseen the maintenance of 14,532Km of roads during this recent fiscal year and has carried out technical audits to ensure that the repaired roads are in good condition. It also procured 600 million Br worth of road maintenance machinery.


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