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Revenues Ministry Achieves 82pc of Target

July 13 , 2019

The Ministry of Revenues has collected 198.1 billion Br in revenue from taxes during the just ended fiscal year, 2018/19. The revenue has shown a 22 billion Br, or 12pc, increase from the previous year but was short of the 235.7 billion Br target set by the Ministry. From the collected amount of revenue, 120.2 billion Br or 61pc was collected from domestic taxes and 77.7 billion Br or 39pc was collected from customs. “Though the revenue amount cannot be satisfactory as seen from the overall economic development the country is registering,” said Adanch Abebe, minister of Revenues, “the increasing share of domestic revenue from the total is a commendable achievement.” For the current fiscal year, parliament has set a goal for the Ministry to collect 253 billion Br from domestic tax revenue.    


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