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RedFox Commences Data Centre Project

March 20 , 2021

A new data centre at the Addis Abeba ICT Park, in a joint venture with a German-based company, is on the way. Early last week, RedFox Solutions Group broke ground on the construction of its private data centre, dubbed RFDC1. The project will be carried out in partnership with Rittal Ltd, a German systems provider that was founded in 1961 and currently comprises 58 subsidiaries. The data centre, which will lie on 4,000Sqm of land, is expected to be completed later this year. RedFox is one of four companies that were granted land in the ICT Park in November of last year for the construction of data centres., Raxio Group and ScutiX are also active in the ICT Park, while Wingu and Raxio broke ground on the construction of their data centres earlier this year.


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