Public Enterprises Lag Behind in Domestic Debt Repayment

Mar 26 , 2022

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) under the Public Enterprises Holding & Administration Agency repaid 96.3 million Br in domestic debts over the first half of the financial year. However, the figure is less than 30pc of the more than 250 million Br targeted at the beginning of the year. Officials say the low performance was mainly due to failure to make payments by the Ethio Engineering Corporation (formerly the Metals & Engineering Corporation). The Liability & Asset Management Corporation, set up last year to soak up debt belonging to public enterprises, paid off 27.2 billion Br in debts owed by the Sugar Corporation and the Chemical Industries Corporation. Much of the public enterprises' domestic debts are owed to the state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). The aggregate outstanding domestic debt of public enterprises had reached 611 billion Br in loans and corporate bonds last year; the highest share is owed to the CBE. Late last year, the Sugar Corporation had placed loan applications with the CBE for 11.3 billion Br for rehabilitation works and servicing debts.


DDR Initiative Gets 16m Boost

A 16 million euro initiative to facilitate the disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration (DDR) of nearly 370,000 ex-combatants was launched last week. Financed by the European Union (EU) the program will be implemented across eight regional states. It is overseen by the National Rehabilitation Commission (NRC), the agreement was signed at the Ministry of Finance's headquarters on King George St. Key figures including Semereta Sewasew, state minister for Finance; Teshome Toga, commissioner...


Central Bank Launches Youth Enterprise Forum

A financial education program targeting youth and Medium & Small Enterprises (MSMEs) was launched by the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) last week. It aims to equip interested trainees with personal and professional knowledge through experts from banks and microfinance institutions who will provide comprehensive training. The training modules, developed in collaboration with The First Consult and BRIDGE, cover several angles of financial literacy, including deposits, digital financial servic...


ArifPay Takes a Leap with Massive Capital Boost

Shareholders of ArifPay Financial Technologies S.C. have taken a significant stride by resolving to raise the company's paid-up capital to 300 million Br. The decision doubles down from the current 140 million Br marking a substantial increase. ArifPay, was established by 142 shareholders and secured the distinction of being the first payment operator licensed by the National Bank in 2021. CEO Bernard Laurendeau emphasised the critical timing of this capital increase, aligning with the company...