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Property Disposal Generates 1.8m Br

March 28 , 2020

The Public Procurement & Property Disposal Service has generated 1.8 million Br in revenue from the disposal of plastics and scrap metal. The plastics and scrap metal were disposed of from the Ministry of Innovation & Technology and Dilla University. The Service disposed of 58,000 Kg of scrap metal and 65,000 Kg of plastic. For the disposal of the metals and plastics, the Service announced a tender on January 6, 2020. Even though 54 bidders purchased the tender document, only five of them submitted bids. The four highest bidders were awarded the contract on February 21, 2020. The companies offered 1.5 million Br for the scrap and 260,000 Br for the plastic. The Service has procured items worth 14.7 billion Br in the last fiscal year.


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