President Commutes Death Sentences of Dergue Officials

Dec 19 , 2020

President Sahle-worq Zewde has approved a motion to commute the death sentences of two former Dergueofficials to life imprisonment. The Office of the Attorney-General tabled the motion, and the President approved it on December 11, 2020. Berhanu Bayeh (Col.) and Addis Tedla (Lt. Gen.) have been sheltered inside the Italian Embassy since the EPRDF took control of Addis Abeba in 1991. Former acting Prime Minister Hailu Yimenu and the Military Commander in Eritrea, Tesfaye Gebrekidan, were also part of the group that took refuge in the Embassy but have since passed away. The officials were sentenced to death in absentia for their alleged role in killings committed during the Dergue regime. Despite persistent requests from the EPRDF government, Italian authorities refused to hand over the officials due to the EU's policy against capital punishment. The commutation may allow the officials to be released on parole.



A street vendor around Chechnya sells colourful giant teddy bears. Theatrical spectacles with evading street vendors and officials from the Code Enforcement Authority are ubiquitous across the streets of Addis Abeba. Nearly a sixth of the capital-employed labour force is engaged in the informal sector. A series of campaigns by the Peace & Security Administration Bureau to reel in the proliferation of street vendors has been largely unsuccessful as more and more people migrate into the capita...



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Renovations around the soon-to-be-inaugurated Adwa Zero Km museum around Piazza kick up in gear. The museum is an integral element of a series of mega projects in the capital carefully watched over by Mayor Adanech Abiebe. The 4.6 billion Br project sits on a whopping 45,000 sqm space and houses 11 blocks with auditoriums, galleries, gyms and art installations. The contractor is China Jiangsu International ETCG, while consultancy services are provided by Ethiopia Construction Design Supervision...