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Premier Names Interim Executive for Tigray State

November 14 , 2020

Mulu Nega (PhD) has been appointed chief executive of the Provisional Administration of Tigray Regional State. Nominated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), the chief executive is expected to recruit and elect officials to lead the executive organs of Tigray Regional State from political parties functioning in the region. Previously, Mulu was serving as state minister for Science & Higher Education. The appointment comes following a regulation, endorsed by the House of Federation, for the establishment of a provisional administration in the Regional State. The regulation was drawn up by the Council of Ministers. Nearly two weeks ago, the parliament had issued a state of emergency effective in Tigray Regional State, to be executed through a task force, whose members were appointed by the Prime Minister and is chaired by the Army Chief of Staff. The task force reports directly to the Prime Minister. The task force formed to execute the state of emergency decree in Tigray Regional State can impose curfews, prohibit any movement of firearms in the Regional State, halt any kind or mode of transportation from and to the Regional State, and cut off any communication lines in the Regional State, according to Attorney General Gedion Timotios (PhD).


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