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Premier Inaugurates Welmel Irrigation Dam

February 8 , 2020

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) inaugurated the Welmel River Irrigation Development project in Oromia Regional State. Built on Welmel River in Bale Zone, the project has the capacity of watering 11,000ha of land and benefits more than 22,000 farmers. It has already benefited 1,123 farmers by providing water for their 400ha of land. The Premier also laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Chelchel Dam & River Irrigation Development Project, which is expected to consume 2.8 billion Br and benefit 8,000 semi-pastoralists and farmers. The dam, which will rest on 4,154Km of space while covering 326ha of land, aims to ensure food security and job creation in Raayituu and Gindhiir weredas. Shimeles Abdisa, vice administrator of the Oromia Regional State, accompanied the Premier during the ceremony.


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