Post Enterprise Jumps Aboard National ID Programme

Apr 22 , 2022

The Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise has signed an agreement with the national ID programme office to jointly conduct registration using its outlets. The state-owned Enterprise operates over 750 outlets in the country. It is among the oldest public enterprise, established in the 1890s. The Enterprise registered profits of 74.8 million Br over the first half of the financial year. It delivers post to 118 destinations worldwide. The National ID Programme Office under the Office of the Prime Minister has previously partnered with several financial institutions. The latest to be on-boarded was Awash Bank, which has over 700 branches across the country. The state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has also agreed to conduct registration through its branch network of over 1,900 and plans to procure 2,000 registration kits. Other government institutions including the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) also have signed a memorandum of understanding with the ID office.


Geda Special Economic Zone Receives Prospective Tenants

East African Holding and Ethio-Chicken have been shortlisted to invest in the Geda Special Economic Zone(GSEZ), located in the tri-state area shared by Mojo, Adama, and Shashemene cities within the Oromia Regional State. The two companies were selected from 120 investors who showed interest in acquiring space in one of the largest SEZs in Africa. Close to 404hct of land has already been developed in the expansive economic zone, out of a potential 24,000 hectares, with lease prices set between...


Standard Institute Revamps Fees, Board Restructuring

The Ethiopian Standards Institute (ESI) is set to introduce fees for standards sticker, establish a new governing board, and address collaboration with other regulatory bodies. The Institute plans to strengthen its financial standing by charging fees for standards and product certification services to support its operations and annual budget. A key change involves replacing the current Council of Standards with an 11-member Board of Directors. The Minister of Trade & Regional Integration...


Safaricom Ethiopia Rolls Out its Network to Tigray

With 125 self-built towers, Safaricom Ethiopia has launched its operations in the Tigray Regional State. Executives disclosed plans to invest in an additional 166 towers and expand their reach to the remaining towns. "This is the most exciting milestone in Tigray since the return of social services," said Getachew Reda, president of the Interim Regional State Administration. In July 2021, the consortium-backed telecom giant entered Ethiopia's market, historically dominated by state-owned E...