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Parliament Legislates 62 Proclamations

July 13 , 2019

Parliament has legislated 62 proclamations, two regulations and two decisions which it made jointly with House of Federation, in the just-ended fiscal year. Unlike previous trends, views and comments were entertained during sessions that were manifested by many votes against and in abstention, according to Tagesse Chafo, speaker of the parliament. In recess since last week, parliament will return from break on October 10, 2019. The 10 standing committees and 33 sub-committees have been following the quarterly plans and performances of 25 government institutions, according to Tagesse. Standardisation of control and follow-up mechanisms, the introduction of swift public service delivery, beginning of a video conference of MPs with their constituencies, organising special sessions of questioning executive institutions and ensuring improved parliamentary diplomacy are among the planned reforms expected to be implemented in the coming year.


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