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Parliament Approves 786 million Br for Five Institutions

May 29 , 2021

Parliament's Standing Committee for Revenue, Budget and Finance affairs, chaired by Yayesh Tesfahunegn, has approved a 786 million Br budget for the next fiscal year for five public institutions. The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), which is currently undergoing preparations for the sixth national elections scheduled to take place in late June 2021, got approval for a budget of 93.5 million Br. The committee also granted 103 million to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, 337 million Br for the secretariat of the House of People's Representatives, and 59 million Br for the parliamentary secretariat. In addition, 85 million Br was approved for the Federal Ombudsman. These institutions had previously submitted their budget requests to the Ministry of Finance, which were approved accordingly. Their aggregate budget requests amounted to 1.3 billion Br Over the current fiscal year, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has been operating with an approved budget of 74.5 million Br, 64.7 million Br for the Federal Ombudsman, and 2.5 billion Br for the NEBE.


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