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Office Initiates Road Network Information System

October 31 , 2020

The Ethiopian Road Fund Office has initiated the development of an Ethiopian Road Network Information System in collaboration with Addis Abeba University's Institute of Architecture, Building Construction & City Development. Currently, the Office is in the process of procuring a satellite road network database for the system as regional states submit their road layouts to the Institute. It amassed revenues of 733.5 million Br over the first three months of the current fiscal year. The revenues were collected from tariffs imposed on petroleum, driving licenses and annual renewal fees, and tolls from cross-country buses. The Office, which achieved 98pc of its goal for this quarter, has funneled 104.4 million Br from the mobilised resources to regional states and the Ethiopian Roads Authority for road rehabilitation and other expenses. It has also allocated half a billion Birr to be distributed to road agencies for rehabilitation projects upon the submission of plans


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