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Nigerian Firm Finds Local Partner for Telecom Space

February 20 , 2021

Pragma Investment Advisory, a local consultancy, has partnered with a Nigerian engineering facility management firm, Specific Tools & Techniques Ltd (ST&T), to engage in the telecom sector in Ethiopia. The companies will provide engineering and integrated facility management services. The partnership furthers aims to optimise productivity in the telecom sector through the transfer of state-of-the-art practices, innovation and technology from ST&T, which has over a decade of experience in serving operators and infrastructure developers in West Africa. Pragma is an advisory firm that provides investment management, business development, management consulting, and economic development advisory services with a primary focus on East Africa. This comes just weeks before the close of the bid submission deadline for telecom operators interested in joining the Ethiopian market. Several firms including Global Partnership for Ethiopia, a consortium of Vodafone, Vodacom and Safaricom; Etisalat; Axian; MTN; Orange; Saudi Telecom Company; Telkom SA; Liquid Telecom; and Snail Mobile have shown interest in joining the country's telecom market.


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