Nib Upgrades Core Systems

Apr 6 , 2019

Nib Insurance Company integrated its head office and 42 branches with a core insurance solution system called GENISYS Configurator on March 29, 2019. The company invested 28 million Br in the hardware, software and network installation. The system improves efficiency, reduces claims settlement turnaround time, provides uniform service delivery, and ensures data accuracy and availability, according to Zufan Abebe, CEO of Nib Insurance. The 17-year-old insurance company started the project in June 2015, and selected Tata Consultancy Services and Technobrain FZE after launching an international bid to administer the software, while a local company, United System Integrators, installed the hardware. The core system uses IT equipment such as high-end servers, optical storage, tape libraries and high-speed network connecting devices. Nib’s gross written premium has grown to 478 million Br in the last fiscal year. Its profit was 67.3 million Br.


Ministry Ponders Tax Waivers for Rural Energy Solutions

Tax exemptions for off-grid energy technologies like solar pumps and mini-grids are under discussion, spearheaded by the Ministry of Water & Energy. Commonly used by rural households, officials disclose their simultaneous plan to develop 300 mini-grids in the next six years. According to Birhanu Weldu, the lead executive of rural energy technology development, the initiative tackles the country's low electrification rate and reliance on charcoal and firewood. Charcoal, fuel wood, and...


Rural Land Proclamation Comes to Light

A landmark legislation that grants title holders in rural areas the right to use the property as collateral was unanimously ratified by Parliament last week. It primarily focuses on extending access to finance for farmers and pastoralists, through a structured land title system. It also introduces criminal penalties for the illegal transfer of property. Replacing the 18-year-old proclamation for rural land management, the law sentences individuals engaging in land invasions and unauthoris...


Ethiopian Unveils $50m Domestic Terminal Renovation

With a rising demand for domestic travel, Ethiopian Airlines has renovated its terminal at Addis Abeba Bole International Airport with 50 million dollars to handle customers. The expanded terminal has doubled its previous size to 25,750Sqm and accommodates 200 daily flights to and from 22 domestic destinations. It includes four contact gates, 10 remote departure gates, 22 check-in counters with automated baggage screening systems, shops and restaurants. The terminal also features a dedica...