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New Taxi-Hailer Commences Operations

December 14 , 2019

Etas Taxi System, the 17th taxi hailing service provider in the country, started operations as of December 12, 2019. Biza Ride Plc, a manual that is implemented only on code-1 taxis, is based on a fixed tariff scale. The company secured a license from the Addis Abeba City Administration Transport Authority on August 30, 2019, after fulfilling trade license requirements, a nation-based server, offices and a call centre. The company has already made a cooperation agreement with Avanza Meter Taxi Association, according to Junedin Besha, general manager of Biza Rides Plc. Etas was established with 20 million Br in capital, has 12 employees and joined the market with a call code of 6288.


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