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New Report Shows Slight Improvement in Logistics Efficiency

July 11 , 2021

The Logistic Transformation Office under the Ministry of Transport has released its annual transformation performance review, showing that the country's logistics sector has improved slightly. In the self-assessment report, the efficiency of customs clearance services was found to be the best performer while institutional responsiveness and timeliness in trade logistics were identified as the weakest links. The performance review considers efficiency in customs clearance, tracking and tracing, timeliness, logistics competence, quality of infrastructure, and competitive shipping prices. In the World Bank's 2016 logistics performance index, which is published every other year, Ethiopia was ranked 126 out of 167 countries with an average score of 2.38. The 2020 assessment report, which was conducted by an independent consultant, pegged the country's performance at 2.51, a slight improvement.


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