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New Project to Support 130,000 Coffee Farmers Launched

November 23 , 2019

Farm Africa has launched a new project to help more than 130,000 forest coffee producers in Ethiopia’s Oromia Regional State to improve their livelihoods by increasing sustainable production of high-quality coffee. High Water Global Fund, a sustainable forest coffee value chain development project, will use the participatory forest management (PFM) approach, which Farm Africa has been developing for more than 20 years. PFM brings together local communities and local governments to share responsibility for developing sustainable plans to preserve the high quality of coffee plantations. In return for protecting the biodiversity, communities are allowed to harvest wild coffee from the forest in a sustainable way. Project staff will work with seven existing participatory forest management cooperatives in the Chora Wereda in the Buno-Bedele Zone, offering training in the production and handling of quality coffee and support to build links to national and international markets and increase their bargaining ability.


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