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New Player Joins Food Delivery Business

November 21 , 2020

A firm called eBiz Online Solutions Plc has released a new food takeout and delivery app dubbed Megbia ( Developed in-house by parent company,eBiz has registered restaurants on the app and has availed the service to the residents of Addis Abeba. was set up by eCom Advertising a little over a decade ago, and the latter was incorporated as eBiz Online Solution Plc in 2014. eBiz provides integrated information on the Ethiopian market and serves as a guide to customers who wish to do business or shopping in the country. The project has taken nearly two years to come to fruition, according to Addis Assefa, editor and coordinator at eBiz. “The first year was spent in developing the business concept and data collection, and the second year was used to develop the app and refine the concept,” Addis said. The app provides its services in two languages, English and Amharic, and provides the option of a search engine that recognises neighborhood names in the capital city. “This is invaluable in a place like Addis Abeba where people hardly use street names,” said Addis. Currently, the app is available on Google Play Store and will soon be released on the App Store. The service also has a functional call centre (6131) that customers can use in place of the app.


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