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National Aviation Hires 16 Kenyans

August 24 , 2019

National Aviation College, a sister company of National Airways, hired 16 professors from Kenya who will be teaching international trade and economics, strategic management, risk and insurance, banking and finance. The aviation college believes that the country has a shortage of professionals in these sectors and the courses are not given much consideration in the aviation industry. “Ethiopia is a landlocked country, so we should have to work hard on the aviation industry,” said Abera Lemi, CEO of the College. National Aviation College is working with International Aviation Transport Association and a UK based Institution of Commerce Management to train better professionals on aviation, hospitality and travel, according to Abera. The College also graduated its sixth batch of trainees in travel and truism, cabin crew, flight operation, hotel and catering supervision, ticketing and reservation on August 24, 2019.


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